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"Truly unexpected experience"

"My experience of this Breathwork was Honestly life changing!"

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"Wow!! I couldn't imagine breathing could be so rewarding"

"Honestly one of the most rewarding thing's I have done for myself!"

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" Truly beautiful"

" I feel like myself again, I left feeling lighter and happier than I've felt for a long time"

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 My pain has gone!"

" I didn't expect what happened, I was in lot's of pain before the session and couldn't believe that breathing like this to remove physical pain, I feel great and my pain has gone"

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Highly Recommended, It was incredible!

"My friend had spoke very highly of this breathwork after he had several sessions himself, I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did, I will be back to go deeper now I know what it can do for me"

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"I am amazed!"

"I can't quite describe what this has done for me personally, I am so happy I decided to try it! I would urge anyone to give it a go"

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"Very rewarding experience"

"As a yoga teacher I am always looking for new things to help me feel free and connected to life, this breathwork really helped me to feel both, and allowed me to really express myself on a very deep level"

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Beautiful experience, The light completely relaxed me and helped to to clear emotion and transcend.

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So I didn't really know what to expect from a guided breathwork session. Hendrik welcomed me and talked me through the process and made me feel completely as ease with everything that was going to happen. We embarked upon half an hour of intense deep breathing whilst Hendrik released pressure points in my navel, stomach, rib cage, shoulder's, neck and head. I've got to tell you that was one of the fasted cleansing's I have ever experienced. I am a holistic healthcare practitioner and I've done numerous different types of detoxes and health giving protocols. I believe that this one got rid of more trauma deeply rooted toxicity from my body faster than any other treatment has ever done. The night after my treatment I slept from 8.30pm until 8.30am, it was one of the most refreshing sleeps in a very long time, my mind feels clearer , my stomach feels looser and I feel like I have more energy. I literally feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. To anybody considering using Hendrik for a Breathwork session, It's awesome, I believe His service is under priced for the benefits that it gives. The most amazing part of this experience was when I could see things completely clearly with my eyes closed was mind blowing.
Thank you Hendrik


"The breath session that I received was amazing! It's quite an intense process, however, Hendrik held the space wonderfully so that I was able to surrender to the session fully. I felt safe and supported throughout as Hendrik's reassuring voice guided me through. Afterwards, I felt calm, peaceful and centred and would definitely recommend a session to help release blocks and traumas. Thank you Hendrik"


"I didn't really know what I was expecting when I had my first session of breathwork, but I had been told of its power. I worked with the breath completely as I had been advised to and it was one of the best experiences I had ever had, during the session I experienced strong emotional responses, Victoria helped me to stay with the breath and even encouraged me to verbalise my emotion by toning out as I breathed, I felt empowered and strong, I felt like I was in control of the emotion instead of the emotion controlling me! by the end of the session I had cried tears I didn't know I had and I felt altered in a very peaceful and positive way, I can't speak highly enough of this breathwork and would urge anyone struggling with stress or trauma to give it a try. Bless you Victoria"


My breathwork was incredible! I never knew how transformative breathing could be


"The breathwork session took focused effort to keep going with the pace. Victoria's guidance made all the difference for sustaining the breath for the whole duration while she activated releases on the body. After I felt clear and energised. The breath and the insight I had during the resting phase aligned me more with myself in the days after"


Thank you so much for the fabulous experience. It was the first time I have had a sound bath and I found it deeply relaxing, Time disappeared!


I just wanted to thank you for the lovely breathwork session we had last week, It was just what I needed after the stress of the last couple of years, I am familiar with some meditation techniques but it was so much nicer to have the pair of you working on my energy centres and it certainly helped me focus. The music was great and the blankets afterwards helped me as I slowly returned to earth.
Keep up the good work and I already have a friend who wants to come with me when I return.


Upon entering the treatment space held by Hendrik & Victoria I immediately felt their warmth, They both create an environment of openness, serenity and non judgement. I felt comfortable right away, but was a little sceptical of what I was about to get into. Even though I have done yoga and deep breathing exercises before, this seemed different. I was nervous but when I voiced these concerns Victoria reassured me that this was a safe environment and that they would not make me do anything that I was not comfortable with but that she really believed this therapy would make me feel amazing.
She immediately dispelled any of concerns and I felt ready to start the session. My mind is truly blown away by the experience I had, I felt as though I was getting rid of blocked negative energy inside my body. I completely gave myself to the care of Victoria and through her guidance I was able to let go of so much tension and anxiety that I had brought in with me that day. I left feeling elated, extremely relaxed and that I had released some toxicity that had built up over the years. I recommend this therapy to anyone who feels they have held onto trauma in their bodies as well as their minds. A true cleanse of the body and spirit.


The breathwork session with Chrysalis Freedom was intensely powerful and deeply empowering. I would recommend this healing to anyone, especially those looking to connect themselves to discover inner authenticity and spiritual growth.


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